Friday, July 10, 2009

The Steam Engine

While we were in Ely last weekend, we just had to stop over at the Nevada Northern Railway to look at the trains because a little someone is fascinated with choo-choos. They had Locomotive #93 running, and we watched it come back from a trip through the tunnels. 

It sure is impressive seeing that huge piece of steel operate and propel so much weight. The coal car is also an eye-opener.

The volunteers who run the train sure look like they enjoy it. They all dress up in appropriate clothing to make it feel like an old-time train experience.

The passenger cars make me want to jump on and take a trip across the country, to go places where the roads don't go.

And then there's the caboose, a great end to every train!

We'll be back to get on the train again before too long. A trip on the train is for kids of all ages!

1 comment:

The Incredible Woody said...

It's always good to go places that roads don't go:)

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