Friday, July 3, 2009

Desert Boy Looks at Flowers

I've been doing a lot of botanizing lately (looking at plants and trying to figure out what they are), and Desert Boy got to go with me one day. He liked the star-shaped flowers of the milkweed.

But much better was exploring the tunnels in the rose bushes. The cattle made these tunnels, and the arched bushes provided great shade. They were also the perfect height for Desert Boy to run through, while I had to stoop walk.

Desert Boy liked having different passageways and choosing where to go.

His faithful dog Henry also thought it was quite fun to scamper through the tunnels.

Desert Boy spotted Mama and came running. He wanted to do some more exploring. Nevertheless, eventually it was time to leave, although not without a major temper tantrum.

Desert Boy eventually got over it, and we played with more flowers. I couldn't resist posting this photo of my "flower child." 

And no, uncles, this does not make him a wuss. 

Besides, we're off to go on a walk, because he wants to look for snakes. We're in for some fun!


Caroline said...

How neat. Love the flower child pix. Are the rose bush tunnels real rose bushes? Do they flower? Are the cows inclined to eat them? A tasty treat!!

Caroline said...

I'll leave the snake hunting to you.....!

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