Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Helping Aunt Tana in the Cookhouse

Summertime means its haying time, and Aunt Tana cooks scrumptious lunches for the hungry hay crews. We went over the other day to the cookhouse and Desert Boy couldn't wait to help. Aunt Tana first showed him how to peel hard boiled eggs.

Then it was time to make his own salad, which he decided to spice up with some interesting combinations. He really enjoyed stirring it.

Finally it's time to get down.

And time to eat! The food is always delicious. And my husband says he's put on a few pounds since he's been eating at the cookhouse instead of making his own lunch. 


Dessert Survivor said...

Desert Boy must have been hungry. He finished his whole plate of food before anyone else did and was ready to leave and get back to work.

Germaine S said...

Aunt Tana is a fabulous cook!

Caroline said...

Just like the cowboy days! Cool

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