Saturday, July 11, 2009

Desert Boy in the River

I was going through my photos and realized I had a set from our trip to Indiana that I still needed to post. On our last afternoon, we went to a park and after a picnic and playing, some of us decided to go on a hike. It didn't take Desert Boy to get a couple of his uncles and his aunt initiated to how he likes to hike.

The clothes came off and he was in the water! Not ever being in a river this big, Desert Boy was fascinated by the way the water moved, the sticks and rocks on the bottom, the deep and shallow places, and all the green vegetation.

It was a really hot day, so the uncles and aunt didn't seem to mind the detour down the river.

Some parts were a little deep, but the water wasn't moving fast.

We reached a good area to get out and get back on the trail, but everyone decided it would be a good idea to just stay in the river for awhile longer.

And a good thing we did, because Uncle Matt got to try out his talents as Tarzan.

The strong vine held his weight as he whished through the water...

...and gave his mighty jungle roar. All the animals quieted to listen to their king. 
Okay, not really, but we all had a fun time watching.

When we did head back, the muddy trail seemed like a real piece of cake compared to the adventure we had just had. Hiking with Desert Boy can certainly be an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Enough to totally wear out an uncle.

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