Monday, July 20, 2009

Relay for Life

On Saturday night I participated in a Relay for Life event. It was the first time I had ever been to one, and in fact, the first time it was held in Ely.

I was part of the team Great Basin Millipedes-We've Got Legs! We also had some hungry bellies, but fortunately Brian and Meg brought burgers and hot dogs and everyone else brought side dishes so we could get energy to go walking.

Andy, Roberta, and Carol are building their strength. Notice the tent in the background? Some people were planning on staying the night. I couldn't do that this year, but I imagine it would be fun--like a giant sleepover.

The bleachers and the track were lined with luminaries.

As you can see, our track wasn't an official track, but just a path in the grass. Participants of all ages walked around it.

Travis even took Dixie around a few times.

Here are three of my teammates walking. We had antennae to symbolize our millipede status. They also made it very easy to spot other teammates.

With most of the team present, it was decided it was time to put on the big millipede costume.

We shuffled along like a long millipede, our antennae bobbing in the wind.

We got lots of attention as people tried to figure out what we were.

"Great Basin Millipede Legs" (one sheet with the "We've Got" was misplaced, but everyone got the idea)

As I was leaving the luminaries were being lit and looked really beautiful. The money raised for this event will go towards trying to find cures for cancer. We more than double passed the fundraising goal, so I'd say it was a huge success!


The Incredible Woody said...

Awesome!! Kudos to your team!!

Gayle A. Robison, DVM said...

Thank you for your support of cancer research! My dad, who grew up on Weaver Ck as a 3rd generation Snake Valleyite, died of cancer in 1980 at the age of 47. The money you helped raise could be the money that saves other families what we went through.

Jack said...

Looks like it was a great event, and thanks to you, your team, and all those who donated. For even more perspective on the good that is done via Relay for Life events, I invite you and your readers to check out this brief video -- -- it's the story of one woman's "aha moment" as she realized the important contribution she could make through Relay for Life. I think you'll enjoy it and hope you also check out the rest of the site, which was created by Mutual of Omaha to highlight good works, inspirational stories, and "aha moments" of all kinds.


jendoop said...

I've done Relay for Life before, and taken my daughter who loved it. Such a great way to help people understand cancer, come to terms with loss, and raise money for a great cause.

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