Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snake Valley Festival--Part Three

Here are some more photos from the Snake Valley Festival.

First, a few from John W. of the parade.

And a few from Kathy R.:
Here's Smitty driving the old loader. It was quite a contrast to the ones used today.

Molly did a great job keeping her horse under control.

The parade made everyone smile.

Reita and her family kept busy flipping flapjacks.

Back to more photos from John:
All ages came to the festival.

The yard sale was hugely popular. It alone raised more than $1,000. Nothing was priced, so people just paid what they thought items were worth.

Patricia made an eye-catching figure with her witch's hat. There were more holiday goodies to be found on the tables.

This booth doesn't look busy--that's because the toilet paper throwing part of it was right next to it and was the attention getter. 

It's great seeing photos from different points of view. There was so much to see and do!

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