Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The 100th Post: Finding Desert Survivor

Today marks my 100th post on this blog. Wow, it's been quick! Thanks for reading--your comments have kept me going.

It seems like an appropriate time to examine how people are finding this blog. As I keep blogging, I've found that more and more people are finding this website by doing a Google search. Some of the search terms used to find it are kind of amusing:

How much does a diaper weigh? Wow, I actually have the answer to this: Size 3 saturated diaper weighs 2.5 pounds!--Thanks Desert Boy.

Harvester ant bite on a dog Henry hasn't been bitten by a harvester ant that I know about, and if I did know about it I don't think I'd worry.

Rabbit poop/deer scat/tell the difference of desert scat It's so nice to think that my blog has become a scat reference.

Footwear for hiking across the desert I don't think my blog helped them.

Desert junk Lots more to come on that soon. We have no shortage of desert junk around here.

Desert hammock Not sure what they wanted. But it makes me want to go get on the hammock and gaze into the desert sky.

Penstemon going crazy And some other flowers too.

What if you get lost in a lava tube? Just make sure you're not with brother/uncle Andrew.

So go ahead, give it a try, type in a strange term and see if you can find my blog with it. I dare you to. 


Anonymous said...

You were the top listing for Marshmallow Cave!


I Am Woody said...

Someone stumbled across my blog with "i'm so flat-chested"! I don't think I've ever mentioned the state of chests!!

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