Sunday, September 7, 2008

Desert Boy Climbs the Chopper

Desert Boy doesn't need a playground, not when he has an array of farm equipment close at hand. One of his favorites is the chopper, where he has been developing his gross motor skills. He's 16 months old, but the huge machine doesn't faze him at all.

The first hurdle is just getting off the ground, where the first step is chest high. He looks up at all the other steps he will have to climb and plans his attack.

It doesn't take long to pull himself up. 

Then he prepares himself for the ladder. 

Daddy is close by. This is the first time he's seen Desert Boy climb the chopper ladder and he's not quite believing his eyes. 

Desert Boy has some good rock climbing moves that he's just found naturally. He seems to know that he should always have at least three points of contact.

He knows Mom is taking pictures and can't help but shoot a grin my way. What a ham.

He keeps climbing. And no, this is not a paid advertisement for John Deere. 

He knows he's close, and Dad is just itching to help him. Mom tells him no, the little tyke can do it on his own.

And with one more step,

he's up on the top platform. Success!

Finally Dad can catch up to him and take him inside for a little pretend driving. 

I'm hoping Desert Boy will limit his climbing to farm equipment; he's definitely keeping his parents in shape.


Cheryl said...

Oh, he is PRECIOUS! How cute! Thanks for sharing. That put a smile on my face this morning!

Anonymous said...

Toddlers are the ultimate personal trainers.

Sarah said...

Can he get down by himself? Safely?

Anonymous said...

Now if only there weren't child labor laws he could fire it up and start paying his rent... or milk money.


Ann Onymous said...

Looks like an Ironworker in the making !! How adorable that dad was right there having a hard time letting him do the climbing all by himself.

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