Friday, September 12, 2008

Desert Boy Climbs the Gate

Due to the fact that we live on a ranch, we have lots of gates around to keep cows where we want them. Desert Boy is in a climbing phase and has discovered that the gates are excellent places to practice his climbing skills.

Desert Boy starts climbing, and shows a remarkable amount of coordination.

The spacing between the bars increases with each step, making it more of a challenge for a short little kid.

Nevertheless, he makes it up higher and evaluates the top bar.

To my huge surprise, he shows some restraint and doesn't get himself stuck on top of the fence. He's good at climbing up, but not so good at coming back down.

Desert Boy spent about 10 minutes climbing up and down the gate. I just happened to capture this angelic expression. It makes him look so serene, doesn't it?

Check out the video below and you'll see that he's really a bundle of energy, energy I wish I could tap into!


The Incredible Woody said...

I'm glad there are still Moms that let their kids climb and climb and climb!!

flatbow said...

Does he use the climbing wall upstairs any?

Anonymous said...

The absence of any VROOM VROOMs is quite alarming. Surely he has a dedicated climbing melody.

Anonymous said...

Desert Boy is so lucky, my parents never let me do ANY of that stuff!

Dessert Survivor said...

UA--We would have let you climb the gate if we had had a gate. Wasn't letting you play with small nuclear weapons enough? Plus we let you sleep wherever you wanted to sleep.

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