Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Much Does a Wet Diaper Weigh?

This post really has nothing to do with the desert except that it's been hot and we've been playing in water a lot, but give me some slack, my mind is droopy. No, I meant to say the diaper is droopy. You see, I didn't bother putting a swim diaper on Desert Boy  and before I knew it he was sitting in the little kiddie pool and his regular diaper was bulging. And not a little bulging, but major bulging, so much so that my jaw dropped and I muttered something like "Holy Canoli." Then the sight got even better. Desert Boy lifted himself and his new bulging appendage and heaved all that extra weight out of the pool and proceeded to play with more water. Such dedication! Such strength! In fact, Desert Boy could become the new face, no I mean cheeks, of diaper companies.  

p.s. Check back later today for a (slightly) more relevant post.


Anonymous said...

He didn't even get a plumber's crack! Good job, Desert Boy!


Anonymous said...

He could really build up those thigh muscles by doing leg squats!


Desert Survivor said...

We ended up with another saturated diaper today, and it weighed about 2.5 pounds--over 10 percent of his body weight! He sure could build up some good muscles.

Sarah said...

Nice sandals; the better to play in the water with!

Such a cute kid.


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