Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conquering the Hammock

It's Sunday, the perfect day to lay around and have a day of rest. We got a hammock this year, or rather I got a hammock for my husband for Father's Day. After he fell out of it, he's been a bit suspicious of it. How hard can it be to get into a hammock? Here I let one of Desert Boy's cousins, Tractor Buddy, give it a try.First attempt: Oops, it didn't go so well, Tractor Buddy is under the hammock.

Second attempt: Turn it sideways and approach cautiously.

Third attempt: Maybe putting his back on it first will work.

Fourth attempt: Jump on and hope for the best.

Fifth attempt: Crawl onto the hammock, trying to get the weight into the middle as soon as possible.

Yes, it worked! 

And now the other cousins and Desert Boy can get on too. Maybe my sweet husband will reconsider getting on the hammock now. After all, if the kids can do it, surely he can!

1 comment:

Sliv said...

What a lively, friendly, persistent bunch of kids.

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