Friday, July 4, 2008

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the Desert

The desert holds lots of wonders: incredible sand dunes, amazing plants and animals adapted to harsh conditions, stunning views, and, of course, UFOs.

I've mentioned in a recent post that the desert climate is an excellent place to look at faraway stars, galaxies, and whatever else might be out there. And surely there is something else out there. And if these visitors from a distant place decide to come to our lovely planet for a visit, it only makes sense that they are going to come to an agreeable climate where they can see what's around them and won't have anyone sneaking up on them through the forest or swamp.

The deserts of the U.S. have had great UFO sightings. And I have to admit, I've gone and visited some of them. How could I stay away from Area 51 (or just outside it, since I don't have the necessary clearance to enter the highly guarded perimeter)? And I just had to see the alien on display in Roswell, New Mexico. 

Have I seen strange lights in the desert sky? You betcha. Have I figured out what they were? Nope. It's easiest just to explain them as military aircraft. After all, the military, like extraterrestrials, have figured out that the desert is a great place to be. But is the easiest explanation the correct explanation?

Take a close look at the photo at the top of the post. In it you can see a triangular shape. That's where a UFO crashed in 1953. It was such a catastrophic crash that the vegetation still hasn't recovered. If you look really closely to the right of the crash, you can even see a little alien face looking back at the crash. According to the website that reports this crash, the ET's that landed took refuge in the area.  I'm still waiting to see them, but if I keep looking hard enough, I'm sure one will pop up. 

I've always figured that Fourth of July is the perfect time for the extraterrestrials to come in their UFOs, due to the fact that any strange lights will be attributed to someone shooting fireworks. So have a happy Fourth of July and keep a sharp eye out. You never know what you might see.


Anonymous said...

I took a great picture of a UFO while I was visiting the Grand Canyon. Look in the middle left of the picture and you'll see it!

fedricsonya said...

See the beautiful hat Desert Boy is wearing? It's a denim cap with an abstract horse and bear.


alvin jhonseon said...

If you look very closely to crash right, you can also see a small alien face looking back to the collapse. According to a website that reports of this incident, the ETs landed fled the area.

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alvin jhonseon said...

Wild in the United States has had a major UFO sightings. And I must admit that I went to visit some of them.

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productos para la memoria said...

It is easier than to explain that the military aircraft. After all, the military, foreigners have realized that the desert is a good place to be.

rheem miami said...

If you look closely the right to plant, you can also see a retrospective of small alien face collapse. According to a website that reports on this incident, the ETS has landed fled the area.

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