Saturday, July 12, 2008

Desert Boy Rides a Horse

It's summertime, which means it's time to move the cows around different meadows and pastures as the feed allows. Aunt Tana helps move the cattle, and we saw her yesterday on her beautiful horse Jewel. She offered to take Desert Boy  for a ride.
Here's Aunt Tana with her dogs, Heidi and Tippy. They don't get along well with Henry. I think they sense that he's just a play dog and they know that they are work dogs, able to do important things like getting cattle to go where they want.
Aunt Tana starts by giving Desert Boy a lesson. She's an excellent rider, unlike me. In my dreams I'm an excellent rider, but in reality I get fairly nervous if we go faster than a walk.
Desert Boy quickly catches on and sows no fear being on top of the big horse by himself.
Desert Boy sees the cattle coming. Aunt Tana had ridden ahead to open the gate so they could come through. The horse has miraculously sprouted two more legs in this photo.
Desert Boy gets ready for the action.
He reaches for the other rein. He doesn't have much time to act, there's a storm coming in.
He's got the reins now and is ready to go. Maybe next time we'll put some shoes on him.
And there they are, a bunch of cattle in the background. They're moving in the right direction and all is well with the world.
Mission accomplished, Desert Boy scans the horizon, looking for his next task.


Anonymous said...

At least he wasn't whispering into Jewel's ear.

Sarah said...

Darn cute kid!
That string of photos makes one imagine that Desert Boy will grow up and lead the neo-Western revival in film. :)


Lori said...

Oooo, I want to learn to ride a horse!!

flatbow said...

I'm surprised he's at home on a horse... there isn't a steering wheel or shifter that he is so accustomed to!

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