Sunday, July 27, 2008

Desert Boy Helps Irrigate

The meadow near our house was extremely dry, so the other day my good husband went out to irrigate it. Of course Desert Boy had to tag along to see what was going on. If it involves water, he's there. 

Desert Boy and Henry both seem to be carefully examining the irrigation ditch. It was a new ditch and quite nice, but I'm not sure what it was that caught their attention.

Apparently Desert Boy decided he needed a closer look and climbed over the dirt berm. And if Desert Boy is going in the water, Henry had to go in too. He's a nice loyal dog.

It doesn't take long for Desert Boy to get some mud on his leg. He doesn't fuss about this at all.

Instead, he takes care of the dirt by sitting down for a mud bath. I love my son, he will be a brilliant problem-solver someday.

Henry gets distracted and runs off. So much for being a loyal dog. We'll still keep him though.

When I look back to Desert Boy, I notice he has his back to me and his hands in the dirt. That can only mean one thing. You've guessed it, he's eating dirt again. Holy canoli. This kid is going to end up having a full complement of soil bacteria in his gut. Hopefully that will be good for something someday.

Fortunately he finds a distraction, a large dirt wad that would be fun to roll into the ditch. After all, if he can fill in the nice, new ditch that Daddy just made, he would have accomplished something. 

And success, the big dirt wad is in the ditch, getting eroded away. I scoop it out and we repeat the process. And then Desert Boy starts throwing rocks into the ditch until I haul him off to wash him down with the garden hose. I'm sure Daddy appreciated all the help. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Desert Boy knows what a mud bath is.

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