Saturday, July 26, 2008

Henry Gets His Shots

Here's one of the reasons I love living in a rural area. We might be an hour from the nearest grocery store, two hours from the nearest Wal-mart, and three hours from the nearest shopping mall, but there are some amenities that just harken back to an older time.

For example, Henry is getting big fast, and it was time for him to get his second round of shots in July. So late one morning, my sweet husband called the vet that lives in the next town over. His wife answered and said that the vet was coming over that afternoon to give Henry's sister her shots and it would be no trouble to give Henry his shots too.

So a few hours later the vet and his wife pull up in our driveway. We said hello, caught up on some local news, and the vet gave Henry his shots. Henry didn't yelp or make any noise, and got up immediately afterward and went back to annoying Desert Boy. We talked a little more with the vet and his wife and then they left. I bet there aren't too many places left in the U.S. where you can get a house call for routine dog shots just a few hours after calling!

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