Thursday, July 3, 2008

Desert Boy Loses His Hat

See the cute hat Desert Boy is wearing? It's a denim cap with an embroidered horse and bear. His babysitter got it for him when she went on a trip. He had worn it only about a week when we decided to take a hike. I loaded him up in the backpack and we went out on the ranch for a walk.
It wasn't long into our hike that I saw some dark objects come into view. Hmm, must be some curious cows. But surely they won't come too close.
They kept coming closer and closer and even tried to surround us. I kept talking to them in a loud voice. Desert Boy helped. He likes to talk and shout a lot, and that's especially loud when he's in a backpack right next to your ear. I looked back at Desert Boy and found that he was not wearing his hat. In all the excitement of watching the cows come racing towards us and then alongside of us, I didn't notice him pitching it from his fair head. We started retracing our steps.
That's when I noticed that these aren't just cows, there are some bulls mixed in, like this big Red Angus. He seemed really big. And I noticed I was wearing red. I figured I was going to see if he really did ignore red like bulls are supposed to. (For more on this and what kind of cows these are, click here.)
Fortunately the bull kept on walking, and then we got a visit from this friendly horse. Desert Boy seemed to enjoy all these animal adventures. But we didn't find his hat. I went back twice and still never found it. And now I feel really bad that we lost his special hat. 


I Am Woody said...

There's probably some fashion-conscious cow sporting it around the ranch!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, this is Pat Geleott, old RCHS acquaintance, saw your dad at the pool and asked where you were at? He told me you lived in Nev. and told me your blogspot. I used to live in Las Vegas before I moved to Rensselaer back in '85. Things have certainly changed there. Anywho... I enjoyed reading all your scientific knowledge. Have you seen anything unusual in the night sky way out in the boonies? I am kinda a UFO believer. Tell me if you have seen anything. Whats the nearest town you can go to and how far is it?

Anonymous said...

Today my little darling came back from the creek with only one shoe. The other one is "still swimming." She seems relatively unconcerned, except to note it's a good thing that the croc with the _nice_ jewels wasn't the one to get lost. Oh well, huh?

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