Thursday, March 28, 2013

Survival: Making Fire

 My husband decided it would be a god time to try our fire making skills. This is something that's always stressed on the survival shows we watch. On the other hand, we don't want Desert Boy to get too enthusiastic about making fires. So we decided we would start with a fire-making method that isn't too hard, but does require some specialized gear: a magnesium bar and flint.

We gathered fine fuels, had something to shave the magnesium flakes onto, and set off to make a fire. I love the look Desert Girl has in the photo above.

Dear Daddy took a turn and couldn't get the fire going.
Desert Boy took a turn. He couldn't get it going.

I took a turn. I couldn't get it going.
Dear Daddy tried again. It still didn't work.

I was grumbling. If I were in the backcountry and cold and miserable and needed this fire, it took way more effort than I would have!

Finally a little bit of smoke appeared. But do you see an extra ingredient in the photo above?

The extra ingredient was a lighter. A tried and true, easy way to start a fire. (I don't consider this cheating, I consider it smart!)

So why couldn't we start a fire with a magnesium stick and a flint? I went to YouTube to get some pointers and found this nice video:

We probably didn't have enough magnesium.

So I tried again. And let me tell you, I couldn't get enough magnesium flakes (the size of a quarter) in fifteen minutes. I was not impressed. So we will be looking for other fire starting methods. In the meantime, we'll keep a lighter with us!

We might not be too good at survival right now, but we're going to get better this summer!


maigrir à tout prix said...

belle découverte en famille

goonxxi said...

i have read that a square 9 volt battery and steel wool is a sure "fire" method, just make contact with both the negative and the positive onto the metal and the steel wool immediately heats and burns... the old indian fire trick works every time (gasoline and a match)... corn chips (aka Fritos) will burn like candle because of the oil content, and can start fires when tinder is scarce but you have kindling

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