Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is Here!

I am loving that we are seeing more and more signs of spring. The temperatures are all over the place, but the reappearance of plants and animals, the rebirth of things vital and beautiful, make it a wonderful season. My husband told me that the sandhill cranes were back over two weeks ago, but it took me awhile to spot them. I heard them first, their prehistoric squawks making me think again what a good nickname my husband has for them: flying pterodactyls. With dinosaurs as ancestors of birds, he's not that far off.

Watching the birds take flight and seeing their huge wingspans is impressive.

Spring is all about sudden snow storms that melt off quickly. And lots of wind. The wind isn't such a great part, but it's part of the game.

Another bird that's back is the killdeer. I like these spunky little birds that run around, calling "kill-deer, kill-deer."

I've had robins singing me awake the last two morning. Such a sweet song!
The crocuses are starting to come up in our flower garden, little bursts of color. Out in the desert (meaning the valley floor), we can find little bits of green here and there emerging. It won't be long till the brown of the winter is transformed into an amazing green. The green doesn't last long, making us appreciate it even more.

What are your favorite signs of spring?


John Mosley said...

ummmm ... bluebonnets. :-)

Desert Survivor said...

Bluebonnets are beautiful! We don't get them up here, unfortunately.

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