Thursday, March 7, 2013

Desert Boy's Art

My friend Jenny inspired me to get some photos of Desert Boy's artwork. He's really developed over his few years, which I especially notice when I compare Desert Girl's and Desert Boy's styles. (I need to take some photos of her artwork before they end up in the recycling bin!)

Desert Boy is with me as I write this. He says doesn't the picture above look like a silly penguin?

 Tiny people and a huge person and a bird that doesn't fly with wings but has an engine on the top of it and a jetpack under it

 A teapot

 My mom and me under the rainbow

 Snowblower train

 My dad and me with Henry the dog

 Diesel steam engine on rusty, old tracks

 Bumblebee laying eggs on a flower

 Handprint turkey for Thanksgiving

 Desert Boy is still learning how to get letters and numbers in the right direction.

 Bowling balls that want to knock down the tree

 Bell on a clock tower

 Train with the Big Dipper

 Skyscrapers, sun, and flower

Turtle, snake, and lizard


jhami said...

Cool! It'll be so much fun to show them later :)

The Incredible Woody said...

He has quite a flair! You should get a couple of frames and rotate his and Desert Girl's art as they draw and paint more things :)

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