Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Little Archery Practice

 With the warmer weather, it's certainly easier to get outside more often. Desert Boy wanted to go out and practice with his bow and arrows that he got for Christmas. He had made his own target.

 ...aim...! He did quite well and challenged me to a little competition. I stood farther away and was challenged! I need to practice more.

 Desert Boy really wants to be able to shoot the birds. We have a lot of non-native European starlings and Eurasian collared doves around our house, so if he does shoot them, that would be a good thing. And the collared doves are big enough to eat! I don't think we'll be cooking up anything real soon.

 He's determined to be good, though. He needs to spend some time with his Uncle Matt!

 Desert Girl wanted to try. We quickly she figured out she wasn't quite big enough, but she was a good helper retrieving arrows.

 What good kids! (When they aren't fighting :)

The next challenge was to climb a tree. I told Desert Boy I didn't think it was such a good idea, especially in cowboy boots, but he decided to go for it anyway. I was anticipating some tree rash, wails,  and bandaids.

He made it up fairly high, but bark really isn't the best climbing material.

 So he made a wise decision and jumped off.

The third outside activity took place while I went into the house for a few minutes. Desert Boy found a rope, tied his sister's hands together, threw the other end of the rope over a branch, and then started pulling on it in an attempt to get her up into the tree. I was glued to the window and didn't have my camera handy, so unfortunately didn't get any photos of this experiential learning. Again, I was waiting for loud cries, but in less than a minute it became apparent to Desert Boy that he just wasn't going to be able to pull his sister up in the tree (he only weighs about 5 more pounds than she does). She was quick to get the rope off her wrists and go off to do something by herself. I think they both learned a lot from that little experiment. I will be sure not to teach Desert Boy how to use pulleys and mechanical advantage--we do have enough equipment around here that he could get his sister into the tree by himself!

Hurray for outside time!

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