Friday, May 15, 2009

Out in the Boonies

Yippee, I'm leaving the boonies today for a trip to town! Town in this case consists of driving nearly 100 miles without passing a single abode--but it is on a paved highway. The town we're going to has a whopping population of about 5,000. Desert Boy and I are ready to do all the fun things you do in town--walk on sidewalks, wait for traffic lights to change, people watch, and of course wonder how people can manage to live so close together.

Oh yeah, we'll also get in lots of shopping and playing on different playgrounds. The tricky part is taking enough coolers and ice to get the ice cream home still relatively frozen.


The DIYer said...

You mean your ice cream survives the entire trip home!? Between Desert Boy and Desert Survivor, that ice cream doesn't have a chance!

Caroline said...

Just like the ol' days! You should have a reality show. It would be very enlightening.


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