Friday, May 8, 2009

Desert Boy on the Fence

I found a couple more photos from our day with the calves that I forgot to post yesterday. Doesn't Desert Boy look comfortable up on this gate? He climbed up there all by himself. If there's something to climb, he will. Even the kitchen cabinets (who knew that drawer handles made such good climbing knobs?). The piano is also fun to scale. He's even tried a couple trees. 

Here are some calves in the "waiting room." They look pretty much like human patients in the waiting room at the clinic. I can just imagine the magazine titles they might be interested in:
Bovine Beauty
American Cow
Eating Alfalfa
Cow's Health
Outdoor Living

What else can you think of?


Germaine S said...

Hooves Illustrated
Good Feedlots
Moo Life
Pasture and Stream
Better Pens and Fields

Uncle Tom said...

I'm thinking they might like to see a few issues of "Vegetarian Times."

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