Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bulls

There's something about visiting the bulls that's a little intimidating. Maybe it's the angry bull stare. This bull is definitely giving the 'Stay the heck away from me' look. 

Maybe it's because just on the other side of the fence is a whole corral of female cows. 

He can smell them. 

He can hear them. 

He can see them. 

He just can't get to them. 

These black angus bulls don't seem quite intimidating. They aren't standing right next to the fence that separates the cows from the bulls, so maybe they're on to something. Remove yourself from the temptation.

I stared at the bulls, and the bulls stared back at me. This one seemed quizzical and started walking towards me. 

I watched. 

I waited. 

I wanted to know what it would do. After all, for most of the year, the bull's life isn't too exciting. They eat, they sleep, and maybe they dream about the short period of the year they get to do what they've been selected for. 

Now before you go thinking that their lives are totally a bed of roses, here's a little more information. The bulls were "trich tested" this last week (they must be tested annually), with some fluid removed from a sensitive part of their anatomy and studied under a microscope to determine if they have any Trichomonas foetus protozoa. This sexually transmitted disease (yep, cows have'em too) causes the disease Trichomoniasis, which often causes miscarriages or infertility and reduces the size of the herd. There is no treatment for the disease, so there is a strong prevention program

By the way, the disease Trichomoniasis is also found in humans, but it is caused by a different protozoa, Trichomonas vaginalis

Please, let's get back to the bulls!

The bull took a few steps forward and stopped, still watching me. I watched him back, willing him to get closer.

But he decided sniffing the manure was a better option than getting closer to me. How do you think that makes me feel?


The Incredible Woody said...

I think I would prefer to think he was intimidated and chose to act all nonchalant like the manure sniffing was his intent all along.

Cattle STDs? Who knew!

Caroline said...

Bulls are so VERY cool!
I love them!!


jendoop said...

They are intimidating!

As a child we used to sled down a hill at my grandparent's ranch. Usually adults were with us but one day the adults had had it and the kids went back out for another round. We hiked to the top of the snow covered hill only to discover a bull at the bottom of the hill. We threw rocks from far away and yelled but no one was brave enough to do more than that. The bull wouldn't move. So we reluctantly called it a day.

Bulls glory in their ability to intimidate - like one of those big NY Italians ;)

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