Friday, May 22, 2009

Desert Boy and a Tractor

When we went down to the ranch shop the other day, we saw this huge MacDon M200 tractor, and Desert Boy got very excited. He hasn't done too much scampering onto tractors lately.

He figured a way to climb up, irrigating boots and all. It might not look too elegant, but it worked. It's true that when there's a will, there's a way, especially for a headstrong two-year old who knows no limits.

The only problem is that he can't quite open the door by himself.

Once the door is open, he knows just what to do--get in the seat, put a hand on the steering wheel, and turn the key. Yikes! I had to jump in and turn the key back the other direction.

He manages to look all angelic while he's doing this. He was quite disappointed when I told him we weren't actually going to drive the tractor.

Here's a view of the tractor from the front. Yikes, it sure is big! Some of the alfalfa is mature and ready for the first cutting, so Desert Boy may soon get a chance to ride in a moving tractor.


The Incredible Woody said...

Man, that is one SERIOUS tractor.

Desert Boy in those boots is just precious!

Caroline said...

I do NOT want to be in front of that tractor when it goes...

One the other hand, that cab is so large and airy--I like it.


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