Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hiking with a Friend

Yesterday we went for a hike with Charlie and his mom. We found a nice trail that started with some bridges and went into the trees. Desert Boy and Charlie thought it was neat.

They had a great time throwing rocks into a tributary. And they had decent aim. (Meaning neither Charlie's mom nor I got beaned.)

The trail crew was working on the trail and they paused to let us pass. 

When we got up to a meadow, Desert Boy thought it was time for a snack. Charlie agreed. They quickly plopped down and awaited food and drink.

Ah, the look of contentment. Neither wanted their own snacks, but the other's was great. 

Charlie also had a good time feeding Desert Boy.

Then it was time to hike again, and they even held hands for awhile. 

Don't leave. 

Don't puke. 

I know, this all seems so gushy and gooey.

But after all the getting along, it was time to wrestle. Desert Boy didn't quite know what to think when Charlie took him down. And a second time. And a third time. But then he figured it out.

Tackle! He wanted to make Charlie know he wasn't a wuss, I guess.

And then they worked on some more takedowns. Fortunately they agreed to stop wrestling before either was crying or hurt.

They were distracted with some obstacles, like branches to climb over and under.

And then it was back to throwing stuff in the creek--pinecones this time.

The moms enjoyed the beautiful display of wildflowers. The little guys didn't seem to care too much about the wildflowers, but they loved the dirt, and some of the insects, the contrail in the sky, the birds singing, and of course the water that they had to keep revisiting and trying to jump in.

It was lots of fun hiking with a friend! 


Anonymous said...

that seemed like something straight out of calvin and hobbes.


Anonymous said...

Highly amusing!


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