Saturday, May 2, 2009

Desert Boy Visits the Horses

Desert Boy loves to go visit the "neigh-neighs." That means horse in toddlerspeak. We've been working on him learning to stay on his side of the fence, even though he can climb under or over the gate.

He presses up as close to the fence as he can and whispers to the horse. This is Scooter, by the way, a strange looking horse that is often friendly with kids.

Sure enough, Scooter understands what Desert Boy wants and comes closer for a friendly pat.

Then Desert Boy gets distracted and tries out some tires. Whaddya know, he fits!

After awhile, that gets old, so he's off to look for other distractions.

He finds another "neigh-neigh" and beckons to it.

The horse comes over. Even though he's small, Desert Boy knows how to get along with the animals!


The Incredible Woody said...

He's a natural.

Caroline said...

Hi there!

Looks like Desert Boy has a true calling, horse whisperer.....


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