Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Scenes from the Ranch

Every day there are more signs of spring, and I love seeing them. My wildflower count is up to four (okay, three of those are non-natives, but at this point I'm so excited to see any extra bit of color). The greasewood is starting to get tiny leaves on it. More birds are arriving everyday: the sandhill cranes came a few weeks ago, and the curlews just a couple days ago. The western meadowlarks (photo above) hang out all winter, but they've started singing their exceptionally melodic "come hither" breeding song. They have an amazing ventriloquist ability, always sounding closer than they really are. I had to use a lot of zoom to get that photo.

Here's my action shot--the meadowlark flying away. Doesn't it take your breath away? Like lions pouncing on a kill or a kayaker about to go over a waterfall? Just say yes, and we'll move on.

When I was taking Desert Boy to the babysitter the other day, a huge herd of deer were out in the pasture. 

Apparently hunting season is a distant memory, for while they were alert when I stopped and started taking photos, they didn't bolt off. Do you see how they're all about the same size? Last year's fawns have really grown up a lot. It won't be too long before a new crop of fawns arrives.

The meadow still looks really brown, doesn't it? I guess even though I keep trying to find signs of spring, we have a way to go. 

Back to the deer. They're a good distraction. These are mule deer, so named because of their big, mulish ears. The better to hear, with, I imagine! 


Anonymous said...


Great pics!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love the call of a meadowlark. It brings a flash of memory from my childhood, playing around the creek while my sister took piano lessons.

The shot with the mountains and section of fence is fantastic!

jendoop said...

Thanks for the meadowlark, my elementary school was named after it.

The birds here are so loud now. I wonder now that they are all back, what are they eating? Not much growing yet.

Caroline said...

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now...?


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