Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun Outside

We went over to the pre-school last week and Desert Boy had the opportunity to play with other kids. He found out it's a lot of fun to make friends with older kids who can take him on fun trips.

Jenna was really patient with him, happy to have someone younger than her to do what she said.

Later we went to the kids' music class, which involved trying to march in time to the beat of a bass drum. Most of the kids did really well. It brought back memories of marching band for me!

Desert Boy had trouble staying with the group because he kept getting distracted by flowers and sprinklers and dirt. We never have a fast walk unless he's running somewhere where he isn't supposed to go.

Back inside, kids took turns banging on the drum. Desert Boy paid close attention.

His older friend had to take a turn carrying the drum that was as big as him!

And then finally it was Desert Boy's turn to bang on the drum. He didn't want to stop.


The Incredible Woody said...

I wouldn't want to stop either!!

Sliv said...

Too bad we didn't have this birthday present hint a couple of weeks ago. I'll bet you are glad, though. Dad, too.

Sarah said...

But not too late for Christmas!

Germaine S said...

OOh, then we could hear him all the way in Indiana!

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