Friday, April 3, 2009

Risky Camping

When I saw this tent set up in a wash, I decided that person just wasn't the right material to be a desert survivor, especially because rain was forecast (and it dumped the next afternoon--but I wasn't around to see what happened to the tent). 

It was windy at night, and you might think a wash would provide a little protection from the winds. But the photo above shows two tents--one standing, and one that was knocked over by the wind! 

Here are this month's nominations for the Darwin Awards. Do you have any nominations you'd like to share?


Germaine S said...

How about the time the uncles took the boys camping on an island on the Wisconsin river and in the middle of the night lot of water was released from the dam upstream? That could have ended in a Darwin award. The boys learned a lesson that night. So did the uncles. yikes

Anonymous said...

as the warden/guard said in Cool Hand Luke, 'What we have here is a failure to communicate.'

nevertheless, it was just another one of many future adventures for the uncles :-)


Silver Fox said...

Yeah, there are probably better places besides the wash that also offer some protection from the wind. Finding flat places might be challenging sometimes!

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