Saturday, April 18, 2009

Desert Boy Tries Out His New Boots

I had to go check on one of the ranch springs and I had Desert Boy with me, so I put on his new irrigating boots. He was excited, because he loves water and knew that he was going to get to play in it. 

Despite plenty of dry grass to walk on, he chose to walk right down the middle of the spring channel. 

But eventually he got stuck. That silt and mud can really be sticky, especially for little feet in little boots. Desert Boy did his best to get out.

He got out, but his boot was left behind. Fortunately he knew he should pull it out of the mud.

He started retreating to higher ground. 

And then he poured the water out of the boot. He looks like an expert doing this, doesn't he? I wonder where he learned it so well?

Finally all the water is out. Time to hike in the water some more!


The Incredible Woody said...

He surely knows what he is doing. You guys are going to have a farm hand and a half in a few years!

A said...

We had a similar experience in a little local stream the other day...and then his pants were so wet they kept draining into the boot. He couldn't figure out where all the additional water kept coming from.

You've got yourself a cutie....

jendoop said...

This makes me so happy we'll be visiting my grandparent's ranch in July. My two year old will love it! I better pack the boots :)

Graham said...

Interesting pictures of him!! I like his boots and jacket!!

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