Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Wear Out Kids Quickly

 Playdates are all the rage this season (okay, every season!). We had a bunch of kids come to the house a little while back. They wanted to play on our rock climbing wall, which I thought was a great idea. Not only does it build their strength and coordination, it also tires them out.

 The climbing wall isn't very high, but part of it is on a sloping wall, and it is difficult to make it up that angle while hanging upside down.

 Ava's giving it a try!
 Sam and Desert Girl during a relatively 'quiet' period.

 Ava and Desert Boy trying to climb on the same holds at the same time. That didn't work so well.
Fortunately they figured it out before I had to say anything.

The rock wall makes me want to go climbing soon!

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