Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun at the Beach

We headed to a nearby reservoir a couple weekends ago to cool off in the water. We've had lots of hot afternoons lately, interspersed with thunderstorms. The dogs were delighted to romp in the water.

The kids love to play in the sand anytime they can!

We went with some friends, and they had been there the night before playing in the sand. No one else uses these beaches, and we don't have tides, so their names were still in place.

Soon it was time to bury some kids. Ava was first. She wanted to be a mermaid.

My husband thought it might be fun to go fishing. Nothing was biting, though.

We helped bury Evan and Ryleigh.

Desert Girl became a mermaid.

It turned out that getting out of the sand pit wasn't so easy. But that didn't stop all the kids from wanting their turn!

Desert Boy and Ava were next.

Ah, relaxing in the nice cool sand.

They weren't so happy when we told them to get out by themselves.

Finally they succeeded.

Smiles again! They're such good kids, wearing their life jackets everywhere.

We still had more burying to do. The littlest kids always have to do what the bigger kids do! It was a fun afternoon.

You can imagine what the shower looked like when we got home! Nevertheless, we headed back to the lake just a couple days later for another adventure...to be continued...

1 comment:

G. Robison said...

I don't generally expect to see beaches discussed in connection with Snake Valley, lol. I'm betting that's Garrison Lake?

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