Friday, August 31, 2012

Ava's Birthday

We went to Ava's birthday party last week and it was lots of fun!
You can see by Izaak's goatee what color cake we had!

The party hats and blowers were very popular.

Evan shows you can use the hats in various ways!

The hit of the party was the treasure hunt Jenny did. Here she is reading the first clue.

The kids aren't quite sure what to think.

When they got a clue, they ran! Each one wanted to be the first to find it. Jenny had cleverly spaced out the clues so that they were running from side of the house to the other. It started raining a little, but that didn't matter at all.

Ernesto on the move.

At the end they all won treasure bags, full of prizes.

Then it was time for a little more excitement: a pinata!
Isaac was ready to leave his mark.

Swing, Charlie, Swing!

Pinatas always bring out smiles!

Each kid got to hit the pinata and then it broke. Perfect timing!

Thanks for a great party, Jenny and Bryan, and happy birthday, Ava!

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jhami said...

LOL You got some great photos! Thanks for coming!

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