Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cookhouse Cleanup

 We had a cleanup at the cookhouse this morning to get ready for the Snake Valley Days Barbeque. This is a fundraiser that benefits the local fire department. It's also a long-time event, and lots of folks return to Snake Valley to visit friends and family.

 The place looked lots better with all the grass cut. The recent monsoons and some irrigating have helped green up the grass.

 The cleanup included some fence paint retouching.
 Janille hefted the 50 pound boxes of potatoes. She is strong!

Next Saturday will be a full day of food prep beginning at 9 am. All volunteers are welcome!

 We had to change a couple of the signs that had last year's date on them.

 Dave went up on the roof to reattach some of the aluminum that had blown off. In the past, the cookhouse has been used six days a week during the summer for feeding lunch to they hay crews. During the past couple of summers, the hay crew has been smaller and they've been on their own for lunch. That means the cookhouse doesn't have the regular use and care, so we have more cleanup to do.

 Kayli doesn't look too thrilled with painting.

 The little kids, however, were thrilled to have a chance to help paint.

 I took off Desert Girl's pants and socks and shoes as I didn't want her to paint her clothes.

 Brian and Desert Girl had a little discussion over the brownies.

Desert Girl's painted look. She was proud of all her painting. I love her chubby little thighs. She's lost a lot of her rolls and sometimes I look at her and can't believe how big she is!

 Then Uncle Tom brought out something that had all the kids running close. I went over to take a look.

 It's a praying mantis!

Sam wanted to get a closer look.

 Sam looked a little unsure of what he's getting into, while Desert Girl gave advice. She likes giving advice.

 The transfer.

 What a cool insect!

 Desert Girl agrees!

 The praying mantis climbs onto Sam's finger.

 He shows it off.

 What a fun way to end the morning.


Anonymous said...

The photo of Desert Girl agreeing is priceless.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Kayli says she didn't mind painting but was having trouble seeing because of the glare and leaving her glasses at home :)

The Incredible Woody said...

I love how everyone comes together to lend a hand for all the events in your area. Such a wonderful sense of community!

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