Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Interesting Walk

 We had so much fun at our beach out in the desert that we went back a couple days later. It was a hot afternoon, and usually I try to keep the kids out of the sun in the middle of the day, but since school was starting soon, it was time to make an exception. We lathered on the sunscreen, found our sun hats, and headed out.

 Big storm clouds loomed in the not-so-distant horizon. We kept a close eye on them, not wanting to be in a large body of water if lightning struck. Maybe it would just feel like a little tingle, but maybe not.

 When the water is high enough, the lake is a reservoir, storing water for irrigation. Gradually, the winter and spring accumulation of water is decreased due to agricultural use and evaporation so that water doesn't even reach the dam outlet.

 The lower water levels mean that there is plenty of sand for everyone. You can also walk out a long way from shore and still only be knee deep in water. During high water, the lake is high enough for my husband and me to flip our 15' Laser multiple times and never have the mast touch bottom. This time of year, it might be hard to find places you can't touch bottom.

 The kids and dogs were having a blast.

 Desert Boy and Sam hanging out in the big float tube.

 After swimming awhile, we decided it was time for an adventure walk. I love adventure walks, as we never quite know what we're going to find. I encouraged Desert Boy to collect some shells for a future craft project (which paid off with a blue ribbon in the fair!).

 This photo is for my friends Kris and Amanda, who love foot shots! Note how our feet are still relatively clean. Not all the sand was so kind to us...
 Just a little ways down the beach we found oozy, gooey mud. If anyone wants some, I'll go back and bottle it for you and sell it to you for $50. I'm sure it's good for your skin.

 Not all was beach. We also found rocks (with fun water lines).

 Ava and Desert Boy kept their shell buckets close.

 The cloud cover had cooled off the rock so it was bearable for walking on bare foot. Or scooting down.

 We did get a little hot on the walk, so we just waded into the lake and cooled off. Then we continued walking. I thought that was so cool.

 Ava had lots of smiles.

 Finally we got to the part of the lake I wanted to get to--the side with lots of California floaters. These are large mussels that are native to the area. They live in the mud, but when they die they float to the surface and the wind pushes them to the edge of the lake. The kids had a great time hunting for them. I managed to forget to take photos of them!

 Desert Girl was so happy sitting in the one-inch deep mud and spreading it on herself.

 Isaac soon joined her.

 Somehow the kids talked Jenny into carrying their shell buckets!

 Maybe it was so they could have a running contest!

On the way back we discovered something interesting--and by Ava's reaction, gross: a catfish head. That's one big catfish! Thinking about it makes me have some second thoughts about swimming in the lake!

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