Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When a Tree Falls

We had some tree trimmers come a week ago. They were planning on trimming the branches near the power lines, but it quickly became apparent that there was more rotten wood than good wood in this old Lombardy poplar, so they ended up taking down the whole tree.

The pieces are still in our driveway, and I keep trying not to run into them.

Here's part of the rotten trunk. It was over eight feet wide. It's likely that the tree was over a hundred years old. 

Lombardy poplars are native to Europe (and named for Lombardy, Italy), but they were popular trees planted by pioneers because they grew so quickly. They grow up rather than out, so they have a distinctive profile.

The wood isn't particularly strong, though, and as the tree age, it often reaches a stage where a large wind storm will blow it over.

A couple other trees near the cookhouse were in need of cutting, too, before they fell in the wrong direction and caused more damage.

I was very glad that the tree trimmers took the trees down. My husband was plotting on howing to do it using backhoes and other ranch equipment. It sounded a little scary to me. Trees weigh a lot!

Here's another view of those two trees. 

You might think I'd be sad about the trees coming down, but I'm not. I didn't want them to fall on me.

And Lombardy poplars tend to regenerate after they've been cut. This is one near our driveway. The tree fell about six or seven years ago and was cut at the stump. Now the regrowth is already over thirty feet high and looks good!


jendoop said...

I hate to see trees go, but getting squashed is no fun.

We had problems with fast growing trees on our lot in IN. I they were a type of Maple, their roots grew right on the surface and pushed up the driveway, their branches were weak and grew strangely and were always breaking during storms. There is always a tradeoff for efficiency(speed) - even with nature.

The Incredible Woody said...

Wow - 30 feet in 6 years!!

Caroline said...

Big, big tree!!!

Gayle A. Robison, DVM said...

I'm glad they regrow from the stumps. Bake wouldn't be Baker without its lovely Lombardy poplars.

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