Saturday, September 12, 2009

Freezing Corn

Having grown up in the Midwest in a small town surrounded by corn and soybean fields, I still consider myself a corn child. I love corn, especially corn on the cob. Our garden has been producing great corn, but I wanted some to freeze, so I bought a couple dozen ears.

I put a few ears into the boiling water at a time (not too many, because the water is supposed to return to a boil within a minute), and boiled them for six minutes.

Then they went into cold water for about six minutes.

Then they dried out.

Then it was time to get to work with my handy-dandy carving saw. I really like this part, and for some reason when a bunch of corn kernels are stuck together, they just taste better. 

I didn't want any corn to go to waste, so I made sure to nibble on the ends of each and every ear. (It's a good breakfast, right?)

Then I put 2-3 servings in freezer ziploc bags. It's definitely more work than just buying it at the store, but the corn tastes so good!


The Incredible Woody said...

Yummy! I think corn is the thing I miss most about not having a garden. Our favorite is Silver Queen!

Dessert Survivor said...

People who do not get to eat fresh-from-the-field sweet corn do not know how good sweet corn can be.

Does Henry keep the deer out of your garden?

Gayle A. Robison, DVM said...

That's exactly how I do it, when and if I can get motivated in our hideous summer heat, lol!

jendoop said...

We didn't grow corn this year but I could get 50 ears for $12.50. I thought about freezing but didn't know if I could stand all the shucking. This post makes my mouth water and reconsider. We've had plenty for dinner though.

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