Friday, September 11, 2009

Water Boy

On our recent trip to the Midwest to visit family and friends, we also had several opportunities to play in water. And Desert Boy loves water. I think that might even be an understatement. Most kids like water, but I think kids that grow up in the desert see so little of it get extra excited because they know water's a scarce resource.
One of our stops was the Face Fountain at Millenium Park in Chicago, an interactive place that was attracting large crowds. The water isn't deep, no more than an inch or two, but it feels oh so cool.

Desert Boy was lucky to have a couple of young ladies willing to accompany him around the fountain. That was great for me because I didn't have to keep a constant eye on him.

Instead I could watch the man-made waterfalls and occasional spurting of water. Desert Boy wasn't too sure about the spouting water, but some of the other kids got right in the spray.

Despite the shallow water, Desert Boy found a way to get wet--just get down and splash!

This fountain was at Lincoln Park zoo, and water squirted out of various spots in a random pattern, so it was a challenge to run through it and not get wet.

Of course, Desert Boy sort of wanted to get wet, so he inched his way closer to the water spray,.

The most water we encountered was at the hotel pool. Desert Boy jumped in by himself, was toted around the pool, and practiced swimming. But his favorite activity was to be thrown into the pool. We quickly learned that he just sank to the bottom, so the catcher had to be quick to pull him up. He wiped his face off, scrunched up his nose, and then said, "Do it again, do it again."

So he got thrown in again...

...and again...

...and again. Oops, something didn't go quite right with this entry. That didn't faze Desert Boy, though. He still wanted to do it again. 

Notice how so many different people are throwing him in? His aunts, uncles, and grandpa definitely wanted to have their turn!

Now every time we go to a hotel, Desert Boy wants to go swimming. And jumping. And go flying through the air. I think he's turning into an adventure junkie.


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