Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last night my sweet, mechanically-apt husband worked on my trusty 13-year old Ford Ranger. It's been out of commission for the last three weeks. He diagnosed it as a problem in the fuel line, but he had to get a special fuel tool to mess with the particular fuel doohickey. Finally the special fuel tool arrived.

Meanwhile I've been driving our 24-year old Lincoln Town Car. It's super comfortable (true) and oh, so stylish (well, at one point it was). I feel pretty safe with that much metal traveling around with me. Saying it's a boat is a pretty good description.

Back to my truck, my husband drained some of the fuel and found water. Water is heavier than fuel, so after he drained enough of the fuel tank, he was back to fuel.

So how did water get into the fuel tank? About the same amount of water that's found in one water bottle?

My bet's on a certain three-foot tall, tow-headed little boy I see wandering around. A little boy who's favorite activity involves pouring water from one container into another. I won't mention any names, but I bet his initials are DB. What do you think?


Sliv said...

I'd say the likelihood is high, if....he knows how to open the fuel tank to put gas in it..Did you lose a gas cap recently?

Regardless, he sure is cute! Adventurous, curious, observant: all characteristics every 2-3 year old would want..

Anonymous said...

Your truck was thirsty cause it's the desert.

The Incredible Woody said...

Hopefully it was water from one of the puddles he loves to stomp in:)

The Incredible Woody said...

Oops! I meant wasn't!!

flatbow said...

You can always get a locking gas cap if you fear little water toting gremlins may strike again.

Ironically, it probably would have been better if the little guy had put sugar in the gas tank since despite "common knowledge," sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline and therefore would never get past the fuel filter.

Anyway, in a couple of years he'll be driving, then you'll have to worry about him doing a lot more damage to your Ranger :)

jendoop said...

There is a good reason God made little kids so cute. Because we'd string them up for all the trouble they cause otherwise!

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