Friday, September 25, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

About ten days ago Desert Boy and I went for a little hike (and I didn't get the photos downloaded until today--that's how far behind I am!)

It was a cool morning, and Desert Boy was very excited to go for a hike. He got to carry his very own backpack.

Desert Boy can walk fast now, so it can sometimes be a little challenging to keep up with him.

Nevertheless, when he starts going towards some obstacle, he can have some funny moves.

He rolled back to the trail, got up, and was marching ahead in no time. He doesn't mind a few scrapes and bruises as long as he's on an adventure.

The aspen trees were just starting to turn color, and the air had a crisp autumn feel to it. 

Desert Boy eventually found another obstacle and was happy to climb all over the log.

But he was even happier when I declared it was snack time. That's what makes hiking worth it all.

And when we got back to the trailhead it was time for another snack. He likes his backpack because all he carries is a diaper, a little bottle of water, and snacks! 


g said...

That's the way to travel. No need for anything more.

Janille said...

Hahahaha, lol at his technique;) And snacks really are the most important thing when hiking - or doing anything else ;)

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