Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scenic Drive Fall Colors, Great Basin National Park

I spent ten days away (post coming soon!) and when I got back, I saw the colors were really changing high up on the mountain. Jenny and I decided to head up to take advantage of the fall colors. I decided just to use a 100mm lens to challenge my photography skills and look for some different angles on the fall colors.

I especially love the red leaves, which contrast with everything.

But I have to admit, the yellow leaves looked a little like candles.

The sunlight made some of the leaves glow, especially when they were backlit. I never realized that there was a white fringe around the edge of an aspen leaf.

Jenny and I weren't the only photographers, Desert Girl joined us too.

She was also happy to pose for photos.

And hang out with her friends.

Meanwhile, Desert Boy climbed a tree and blended in well.

The patterns of shadows and leaves was mesmerizing. I am hoping I can find some time to just sit and absorb it all.

There wasn't time for sitting on this trip, the kids were climbing on all sorts of things, including this tree stump.

And then running through the meadow.

And playing a little hide'n seek.

As we headed back to our vehicles, this tree caught my eye. It really seemed to be glowing. Sometimes I think of the colorful aspens as little candles on the mountain, lighting it up.

The kids may have not yet quite mastered walking in a straight line--facing the same direction!

Our next stop was the amphitheater. I don't think the park held any programs there this summer, so the kids filled in with their own. They thought it was great fun to talk and do a little program.

Whoever was wearing the hat was the park ranger.

Meanwhile the audience was on the benches.

Next Jenny suggested we hike up to the Scenic Drive to find some more red aspens. Willow got a ride and was happy about it.

The kids and I hung out in the colorful leaves while Jenny snapped our photo.

The colors really took my breath away. We have a big storm coming tonight with high winds, so it will be interesting how many leaves stay on the trees. Snow on the mountain will highlight those leaves that remain and make it even more dramatic!

On the way down the Scenic Drive, even in the shade the colors were amazing.
What does fall look like for you?


jhami said...

Great, great photos! Fall is my favorite. The kids photos are cute too!

Amanda B said...

I totally agree with jhami! Fall is the best time of year. Nothing better than watching the leaves turn brilliant colors.

Singithi's Blog said...

Hi, these are some lovely photos. I am thinking of visiting this beautiful park in the autumn time as well. However being a graduate student it is not always easy to fit adventure time in between all the research work and exams. I think I will have some time towards the very end of September and early October (Sep 29 - Oct 1). Do you please know if the vibrant autumn leaves usually last that late into September? Thank you!!

Desert Survivor said...

Yes, there should be some beautiful colors in late September. :)

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