Friday, September 9, 2016

Labor Day Kids Rodeo at Leamardo Days, Leamington, Utah

 On Labor Day, we went to Leamington, Utah for their Leamardo Days celebration. We bought tickets for the BBQ dinner, rodeo, and raffle. We also signed up the kids to participate: Desert Girl in mutton busting and Desert Boy in calf riding.

Mutton busting (little kids riding a sheep) was up first, and one of Desert Girl's classmates also participated. He rode the sheep backwards to get a better grip, and he sure did hold on tight.

What a face! He was bound and determined to stay on.

Eventually, though, he started sliding off, but he stayed on a good while, good enough to earn $20!

He had a little jaunt walking back. He had done it!

Desert Girl was very nervous about doing this, but she wanted to give it a try. She wore her cowboy boots and cowgirl shirt and some decorated leggings (she's going through a not-liking jean phase).

That sheep moved fast, and soon she was only holding on around the sheep's neck. (That darn railing was in my way for the photos!)

And then her arms weren't even around the sheep.

She was on the ground and getting up.

She was not at all happy about the falling part of the ride. But she did better than some of the participants, who didn't really even make it out the gate. She was awarded a package of Skittles, and that helped make her feel better.

Next up was the calf money run, where a calf has tickets on it and the kids try to pull them off to earn a buck. Kids were running all over the arena, including Desert Boy.

Next up was calf riding. Desert Boy was very nervous about this.

He loaded up in the chute.

And then he was off!

I mean literally off! He had a rowdy calf.


He didn't like the falling part either.

He said his calf riding days are over.

Soon after was the greased pig competition. Whoever tackled the pig got to take it home. Desert Girl was motivated. She wanted a pet pig.

The kids ran around and around in circles.

This kid dove for the pig but didn't quite get it, but eventually someone did.

There were other events like barrel racing, saddle bronc, and hide racing, but I didn't get photos of those because the kids really wanted to have snow cones and we were kind of worn out from the camping adventure the night before (more on that later). After it was all said and done, Desert Girl was really glad she had done the mutton busting, and wants to do it again. She's near the weight and age limit, though, so I'm not sure she will. Desert Boy is upset he can't do mutton busting, as that seems to him a lot less painful than calf riding. I'm glad the kids got the chance to participate, and I'm quite all right if they don't decide to take up rodeoing for a hobby or career, it's not an easy sport and the chances of injury are pretty high! It was great having an event where they could give it a try.

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Amanda B said...

Love the rodeo family adventure! Love Desert Girl's leggings and cowboy boots!

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