Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kids Hike up Timber Creek

 We had some friends visiting from out of town, and Jenny and I wanted to spend time with them in the great outdoors. That meant it was time for a hike in the woods! Desert Girl took that as an opportunity to get all glamoured up. This girl makes me smile!

It was seven kids and three moms, and we started off with all the kids on the bridge.

They got to lead. Our destination? Timber Creek in Great Basin National Park. The trail starts by crossing lots of bridges, has lots of shade, and you can go until you get tired and then just head back (downhill).

The riparian area gave way to sagebrush.

Then we reached some rose bushes with ripe rose hips. We stopped to munch them and soon after some elderberries. The kids thought it was pretty fun to eat their way along the trail.

Desert Girl had brought a magnifying glass and used it to take a closer look at the caterpillars crawling around inside the tent.

Desert Boy brought his pocket knife and had fun whittling until he cut himself. He pulled a bandaid out from his survival kit and patched himself up. It's nice when they get somewhat self-sufficient like that!

 The trail got a little steeper as we climbed up to meet Timber Creek.

It is so nice to have kids hiking with kids, as they entertain themselves and whining is kept to a minimum.

We stopped for a snack break. That's an essential part of any kid hike.

Then the kids started playing with an aspen tree. I'm not quite sure what they were trying to do, but they were all working together. Teamwork!

We hiked a bit farther and then told them to go make forts in the meadow. They did that for a bit, and then it was time for hide'n seek. The tall grass made for some very good hiding spots.

And good photo opportunities!

After at least a half hour (I didn't keep track, it was so nice to just relax and not worry about time!) of free play, we hiked back.

The kids wanted to get wet in the stream, so we told them to go for it.

Some of them took that pretty seriously and got very wet!

Nothing like a dip into a cold mountain stream with friends!

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