Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photos from the Flood

Kathleen Gonder graciously shared these photos from the Kings Canyon flash flood. You can see the aftermath in my post. Above is where the water was crossing the road. The reflector eventually ended up with about three feet of debris on it. That's a lot of water going over the road! It could easily push a car off the highway and into the wash on the other side.

 Here are the rapids going down Kings Canyon. Look how brown that water is. It sure is carrying a lot of sediment!

 I like how the above photo shows the side canyon flowing into the main canyon. I bet you could ride a raft down that--although it sure wouldn't be fun to capsize.

 A view of the flood passing the elm tree (the one growing from a buried car that is helping to stabilize the road!).

This is in the lower part of the canyon, before the water cut fairly close to the edge of the road. You can see the fiber optic cables in this part of the canyon wash now, the ones that were supposedly buried ten feet under the wash.

Wow, it sure is great to see some photos of what it looked like with all that water rushing down the canyon. Thanks so much, Kathleen, for sharing!

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