Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fishing at Cave Lake

 After the race, we wandered along the beach at Cave Lake. Some nice guys from Las Vegas were fishing and let Desert Boy reel one in. He was so excited!

 Desert Boy was intrigued with the whole process.

 Like the duck in the background?

 Here he is with the fish.

 The hook was in pretty deep, so it took some serious plier work to get the hook out.

 Don't you love Desert Boy's expression?

 Next it was Jenna's turn.

She also had a great expression that cracked up the guy.

We really appreciate them taking the time to share their fishing experience with the kids. They caught their limit fairly quickly. We're going to have to go back and give it a try some time. Apparently Zeke's Powerbait is the magic tool.

1 comment:

jhami said...

Matthew's expression is priceless :) LOL

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