Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cave Lake Cave

 At the turn around point for the Take It To The Lake Half Marathon, I noticed a big cave entrance. After recovering (slightly) from the run and refueling, we decided to go take a closer look. As we drove up the road, my husband noticed the arch. I hadn't seen it at all while I was running!

The arch looked fairly sizable, but difficult to reach.

Soon we saw the cave opening. Desert Girl had fallen asleep and my husband thought a nap sounded like a good idea, so Desert Boy and I set out on our own.

It was an easy walk in entrance.

I really liked the view from it. Inside, the floor was steep, but the light from the entrance lit the way for the most part. We eventually reached a place where we couldn't see very well. We hadn't expected the cave to be big, so we hadn't even brought one flashlight, but we did have the flash from the camera. Using that, we found a dead bird.

Desert Boy wanted to take the dead bird home, but I told him no. Our general rule is that when we go bone collecting, we only collect the bones with no hair or gristle or feathers connected to them. It's a very useful rule.

Desert Boy led the way out, happy for our brief adventure.

I was happy, too, as I had wondered about why Cave Lake was called Cave Lake.

Desert Boy managed to find a little ledge to climb. He is always eager to climb.

On the way out we saw another cave entrance--something to go explore another day!


Orthodontist Chicago said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the post.

John Mosley said...

I have a similar rule. If it still stinks give it to biology.

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