Friday, September 7, 2012

Medical Helicopter Orientation

 Great Basin National Park sponsored a medical helicopter orientation today. The first helicopter that arrived was Mercy Air from Mesquite, Nevada.
 As it set down, anything that was loose started blowing.

Folks that wore hats had to hold on tight to them.
 Then came a Lifeflight helicopter from St. George, Utah.

Both companies gave presentations that were open to the public about the services they provide. They both have a pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic on board when they respond to an incident.
How long does it take to respond? For both, they said it was about 55 minutes to get out here.

 The kindergarten class finished early enough to be able to check out the helicopters.

 I don't know if they had ever seen the inside of a helicopter, so they were eager to peer in.

 The flight paramedic asked if any of the kids wanted to get on the stretcher. Ava volunteered. Then he said they were going to go to the hospital. She hopped out of there right quick.

 Next it was time to check out the cockpit. Desert Boy was impressed with all the screens.

 Then came the really fun part--trying on the flight helmet.

 Desert Boy
 Meanwhile, at the other helicopter they were showing how to load the patient, stressing not to go anywhere near the tail rotor, and recommending tips for helping secure a landing zone.

 This helicopter is a Bell 222.
 Neither of the helicopters had been out here before, so it's really nice for them to get acquainted with the area.
 The inside looks cramped, but they said they actually have quite a bit of room to work.
We hope we won't need the helicopters, but it's nice to know that they may be available if necessary.

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Anonymous said...

The Lifeflight helicopter appears to be an AgustaWestland AW109.

Nice to see Bell 222's again. Airwolf! :-)


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