Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I feel like I've neglected Henry lately. Okay, not in the sense that he's not getting spoiled rotten, because who can resist a cute puppy.  But he's been neglected in the sense that he's been just a shadow in the blog lately. So today here are a few photos of how our little puppy is growing up quicker than a slug crossing a sidewalk. 

Henry loves playing with other puppies, and there happen to be quite a few in town. Here he is romping with Bean. They even take turns going to each other's houses, but they never bother to ask if they can go.

Sometimes the playing appears to be quite rough, but they never seem to tire of it. I love some of their expressions as they tumble and plow into each other.

Okay, maybe they do get tired. Here's Henry after running, playing, and running some more. I've found out that he can run over 20 mph. He thinks it's a pretty good game to run alongside the truck when I drive down to the babysitter's (where he can play with another puppy!).

I'm just not used to seeing Henry look so calm and relaxed, so I had to snap a few photos. You can see that his paws are a little muddy--he is always getting wet and did several laps in the pond this morning to fetch sticks.

Finally he perks up a little. He wants to know what's going on, and if it's worth his bother to get up.

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The Incredible Woody said...

What a great companion Henry is going to be for Desert Boy as they both grow up!!

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