Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from the Cow

Today is Halloween, a holiday I've always really enjoyed. I think it's partly because you get to dress up and act like a totally different person. It fulfills my secret desire to be an actress for one day of the year. Of course my sweet tooth might have something to do with my enjoyment of the holiday. 

Now that I'm an adult, I don't dress up as often, and I don't even have a costume for this year. But  that's okay, because I have a son who I can dress up and he's still young enough I can eat his candy! My mom gave us this cow costume, which is totally apropos for where we live.

And here's Desert Boy even pretending he's a cow. Moooo.

The things we will do to get some candy. And my, how the candy has changed since I was a young'un. Here's an example, some gummy candy. I remember gummy bears, but here we have a whole gummy meal: ice cream cone, donut, french fries, hamburger, pizza, and hot dog. Doesn't it sound scrumptious?

Trick or treating is late this afternoon, but I figured it might be good to go outside and get some photos early in the day, while Desert Boy is in a good mood.

Here he's concentrating hard. Not on being a cow, but on putting the leaves through the little slots in the chair. 

Here's Desert Boy pretending to be a cow again. Okay, not really, the head is a little big and it makes him a little tipsy.

Here he is running away from me. Nice tail. Where is he running?

To every cow's favorite pasttime--cruising on his hot wheels. He's probably the only cow going Vroom, vroom.

And I tried my best to get him to say Mooo while in his costume. This video is the best one I came up with:


Anonymous said...

I don't know what's worse. The pink bunny pajamas in "A Christmas Story" or a toddler cow costume. Desert Boys future girlfriends are going to eat this up.

cslydon said...

too cute! And you have the benefit of a costume that can have warm clothes underneath it- a must have in Baker! I remember all my costumes either had to be big enough to dress warm underneath or small enough a coat could go over it! Have fun!

The Incredible Woody said...

I believe that is the cutest cow I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween, Desert Boy! Don't let Mommy eat all of your candy.

Caroline said...

Holy Cow!! Now I've seen everything...

Happy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

He's so cute as a cow! I don't think I could say the same about myself! AB

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