Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gates in the Desert

Some ranchers are really creative when it comes to gates. Here is the entryway to one nearby rancher's house. I like the patriotism and symmetry.

This is a gate into a corral. It's called the "visitor gate," I guess because it impresses the visitors. It sure impressed me! 

Here's another fun gate, painted blue.

Behind the gate is an old hay derrick, which in olden times before loaders, backhoes, and forklifts was used to stack hay. 

This gate was made by a master metal craftsman in our little town. Desert Boy had a lot of fun checking it out.

He took the gate as a challenge--can I get through?

He had some problems with his head. 

Then he figured that out and perhaps got into some bigger trouble!


flatbow said...

Ah, so that is how they build juvenile detention centers in the desert.

Anonymous said...

"Life Before Playgrounds"

Sarah said...

He's really into solving problems. Good luck keeping him chained in!


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